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Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Overview:-

Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Overview:-

Aarza Infratech Pvt. Ltd. lays its foundation on the four pillars of quality, expertise, versatility and integrity.
We go beyond our capabilities and dedicate ourselves completely to build projects that are a fine piece of architecture. Every project undertaken by us depicts seamless blend of location, materials and aesthetics.
Delivering excellence at all times has been our motto and we make sure that every project of ours is a successful one. Right from the stage of selecting a location to timely delivery of projects to our clients, we make every effort to satisfy our customers.

About Builders:-

Every project we build is a masterpiece
Welcome to Aarza Infratech Pvt. Ltd., a place where modernity blends with tradition. We just don’t make houses and offices but strive to build projects that are a masterpiece in itself. We go beyond our capabilities and dedicate ourselves completely to build projects that are a fine piece of architecture.
The promoters of AARZA GROUP are proud to have delivered quality projects till date and have established themselves as pioneers of the industry.
Every project undertaken by us depicts seamless blend of location, materials and aesthetics. Delivering excellence at all times has been our motto and we make sure that every project of ours is a successful one. Right from the stage of selecting a location, upto timely delivery of projects to clients, we make every effort to satisfy our customers.
The AARZA GROUP has committed to set itself apart, by offering elite and professional services in delivering projects that go beyond our customer’s expectations.
Aarza Infratech Pvt. Ltd. – A brand which is synonymous with technological expertise and innovation
"The group places commitment above all. Once we commit something then we put all our energy and focus in fulfilling that commitment. The Group commits itself to get its customer the best location, at best price, ON TIME."

Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Specifications
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Lower Ground Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Ground Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City First Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Second Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Third Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Fourth Floor Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Site Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Location Map
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Price List
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Payment Plan
Aarza Square-2 in Gaur City Amenities & Features
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News & Events
Clearance Noida Extension
NCR Planning Board’s vindication of Greater Noida Master Plan 2021 is indissolubly expulsion of a prime nuisance from the course of expansion. But still there is no convincement of stress-free future for Noida Extension. Peasants from various villages have approached the Supreme Court opposing the decision of high court which supported land possession. In the closing year, the high court has added on perquisites to the farmers. But the farmers, who allowed the developers to possess their land, have backtracked on their decision and now want their land back. The case consequence could be in this way or that way. The objective of master plan ratification will be appropriate only when the preeminent court does not defecate the land concatenationThey put up the question that “how is it possible for banks to grant home loans when the highest court’s decision concerning the clobbered land is yet to come?” “What if the superior court recites its decree in favor of farmers? Will it not recurrently connote the final flick to the projects? Will not the expectations and cravings of mass of endeavor entrepreneurs be wrecked to fragments once again? Will it not inspire an doomed successional backfire of fiscal preterition?” the circle has asked this question in the letter. A farmers’ struggle panel, Kisan Sangharsh Samiti (KSS) said, “We have en route to the Supreme Court regarding the withdrawn of our land. So we are not worried with the master plan consent. Land arrogated by force for industrial enlargement cannot be employed for invariable undertakings. The court governed we should get 10 per cent dividend in land clutched and emerged as post-acquisition reestablishment properties. But the authority has allotted almost whole residential land to constructors and buyers, “the note said. The next superior administrator has revealed it was difficult to allot 10 per cent ripened land to farmers as this would unbalance the equilibrium of the master plan which allows hardly 21 per cent of the total land area to be exploited for the housing purposes. A farmer leader said, “The fight will endure as the authority has hardly left with 340 hectares of residential land while the demand of land is about 800 hectares”.
Noida Extension buyers to protest rate hike
While constructors and builders at Noida Extension ruminate to initiate construction activity after the monsoon season is over in the forthcoming few days, on Thursday, Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) turned one’s back on to balance the upswing in price as was being proposed by different builders.General Secretary of NEFOWA Shweta Bharti alleged CEO of GNIDA Rama Raman, stated there would not be any cost ascent for extant buyers. Also in the reconciliation on Monday with the builders and planners, he had directed them not to affect any price upturn for current buyers and instructed them to take ultimate care of the buyers as they have carried on with the authority for the last one and half years mildly. "However, contractors have started affirming allegations in print media concerning price ascent for present buyers with the exoneration that the price of goods and materials have been increased which is absolutely unfair”, she also quoted that NEFOWA will question the price hike. The orthodox buyers have been imposed with the bank EMI and extremely high lease rates for the concluding one year.“Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) will put everything against such moves by the builders at each and every phase. We cannot accept the hike in the price for the current. Any of the explanation from the side of contractors cannot force us to take our step back.
Delhi Metro to reach Noida Extension by 2014-15
Those taking up residence in Noida Extension have an occasion to feel glee at. The government is pressing ahead with its crash projects to prolongate the Metro till Noida Extension. Since, the city center comes off to be the end station on the Noida line. The authority’s right now lays in provisions to stretch it beyond. The line which is predictable to be all set in the succeeding two three years, is most likely to be of interest to those residing in Noida Extension as it would provide a frictionless travel to Delhi. The City Center metro station, which is proposed to link Sector-62, would branch out at Sector-71 to take the line till Noida Extension. The roughly seven-kilometer long line is anticipated to be priced around 1,400 crore of which Rs. 1,100 would be gone fifty-fifty by Noida and Greater Noida authorities, gambling on the territory falling under their judicature. At best two stations are intended to be built on this line. And it does not end here. There is an increased good message in store for people residing in the area with Noida board on Monday going down line to set right the metro connectivity. The Noida authority has certified the detailed project report (DPR) to link Botanical Garden metro station with Kalindi Kunj. “We have passed on the couple of proposals to the state (Uttar Pradesh) government for stamp of approval. The permission on Botanical Garden-Kalindi Kunj line is hoped to befall early and we figure on to commencement of the work in due time, “ Noida Authority CEO Sanjeev Saran said. Once the proposition on the Botanical Garden-Kalindi Kunj line gets an assent from the government, the Noida authority would put a rubber stamp on MoU with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and labor could jump-off within three months. Out of Rs.845 crore that the project would cost, the Noida authority is expected to evote Rs. 500 crore. The Noida board too laid before an expenditure of Rs. 7, 021 crore for the year 2012-13, a 40 per cent upraise from last year’s Rs. 5, 076 crore. The authority is resolved to disburse Rs. 2,500 crore on land procurement, Rs 3,000 crore on progression and Rs. 500 crore on Metro extension. The authority also has every intention to set going a project to establish nursing homes by August 3 in which 11 plots of more than 1,000 square meters would be extended for apportionment. “Only those claimants whose nursing homes had been shut are allowed to appeal. The bill of the apportionment would be kept in proportion to the reserve price of the residential sector in which the plot is situated, “Saran said. A draft for banks is also likely to be embarked upon by the authority, the CEO said. The Greater Noida board also arrived at conclusion to tie in the five opinions put across by the statutory committee of NCR Planning Board (NCRPB) in its Master Plan 2021 and has sent it to the state government for approval
Flat Buyer Fear
At the same time as the building has reinstituted in Noida Extension, flat vendees grapple with hot off the press botherations- at this point arising out of the act of masons. A team of vendees on Friday rub eyeballs with urban development minister Kamal Nath- who holds the position of chairman of the NCR planning board, which had given the go-ahead to the Greater Noida’s master plan-2021, okays projects grounded for 10 months to recommence – and angle for his mediation. The minister has given one’s word that he would pore over the affair. “Weasel out of the reservations so that the clone flats could be reserved at higher rates, reworking in domicile blueprint to prefab spare portions – this hints at structures will be susceptible to perils and there will be downsized foliate and shared spaces – without enlargement of framework by the whip hand and jump in price tags in like manner for in progress reservations are a couple of the matter of contentions that we are flying in face of , “ said Devendra Kumar, spokesperson of the syndicate. “On the point of gratuity restrained by banks, Kamal Nath said that Noida Extension is a precinct of NCR. And after all Greater Noida Master plan -2021 has now been stumped for by the NCR planning board, in that event, the banks must carry forward financing in this area. The minister had a lock on us that progression must eventuate in Noida Extension, “said Kumar. Sweta Bharti of an else emptor body said, “Makers are scratching out reservations of emptor who have failed to plunk down 10 per cent of the sum total. But this criterion was at no time in usual procedure. They just received the security amount and reserved the flats. At the moment, they (the originators) are blown away by the avarice.”
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